An Innovation Recipe: What you'll learn?

An innovation recipe?

Yes and No. Innovation has come into different ways and formats which makes it harder to formulate a recipe without variables. We truly believe the first thing to do is being passionate about creativity, ideation and empathy. This is not only about becoming a billionaire, it’s about working with a purpose, with clear objectives and solving-problem oriented.

When we innovate we create value and purpose for others. It’s important to highlight and define your objectives and plans so you can be persistent at any process you’re working on.

However, we’ve done exhausting research to gather the key ingredients for a successful process in innovation. We found it really important to mention a book titled Innovator's DNA, where authors did a good job de-coding the skills every innovator must work on or develop. For La Innovation Kitchen it is important that you can recognise your own strengths and weaknesses, and analyse the best way to reach out skills we consider essential for you as an innovator.

If you have thought about any additional skills that would be important to mention, please share your thoughts or opinions in our forum.

We will remark together the most important skills for any innovator to put on practice, as well as three different profiles that will create innovation in different ways.

You'll get to identify which skills and values do you have as innovator and how can you improve on your weaknesses.

Recognize your path and save time, money and efforts in your professional career identifying yourself in the innovation process. This recipe will help you find out what skills taste better with your profile pairing.

Innovation is a big challenge for every company and its stakeholders. We all are innovative in different ways but it’s hard to understand the most efficient way for cooking innovation individually and expanding it with your teamwork.

Where to start innovation? What to think first? How to cook aligned with others? How to keep innovating and don’t become obsolete? How to propose innovative ideas in a company when my voice is taken as a Junior Position? What path is the most appropriate for me to take according to my skills and things I’m passionate about? How to start creating instead of frustrating?

For all these questions we have designed this course, to help you clarifying this enormous ecosystem around innovation.

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